Chateau Ladausse Intimate Wedding

Yanxia and Anthony hosted a stunning destination wedding in the South of France, where a day as a Chateau Ladausse wedding photographer definitely did not feel like work! The beautiful private chateau is situated in the pretty town of Monflanquin, approximately two hours drive from Toulouse.

The chateau had the feeling of being in someone’s home, which gave the wedding day a very personal feel. A wedding at Chateau Ladausse is made even more special by the fact that they only host a few weddings per year, which made the experience even more exciting for us.

Both Yanxia and Anthony got ready at the venue, which is a B&B as well as a wedding venue, and has lovely rooms with impeccably styled furnishings. The couple had written letters to each other to open on the day, which they each read in the morning whilst they got ready. The letters were beautifully written, and both Yanxia and Anthony were moved reading each other’s emotive words.

Anthony also made a video for Yanxia, which she watched with her bridesmaids as they sipped champagne. The video was fantastic, and evoked tears and laughter from Yanxia and her bridesmaids!

Continuing with the personal, bespoke theme, the couple wrote their own vows for the ceremony, which were incredibly touching. The wedding film we shot was made all the more unique as Anthony read his vows for the camera beforehand, which really gave some added magic.

Yanxia and Anthony are both wedding videographers themselves, so they knew exactly how to work with the cameras, and followed direction easily and intuitively. They were both an absolute pleasure to work with, and were both very keen to achieve the perfect results with their wedding photography and film.

Yanxia and Anthony’s wedding film:

The fact that Yanxia and Anthony were so familiar with how we work, and so comfortable with us, gave us a level of freedom that was extremely liberating, and also meant that we captured spectacular footage of their wedding.

The ceremony took place outside in the gardens, in front of an arch edged with roses. Sunlight was filtered through the trees, which created a beautiful dappled effect – however we did have the call of the cicadas to contend with as we were filming!

After the ceremony, Yanxia and Anthony were showered with confetti on the walk over to the wedding breakfast, which also took place outside in the French summer sun. Tables were set out underneath the trees, laid out with classic candlesticks and elegant flower arrangements.

As is often our tradition with summer weddings, we waited until the sun began to go down to take the couple portraits. The dusky light provides perfect conditions, as the softer light brings out gorgeous pastel shades, which work so well for capturing intimate portraits.

We shot some couple portraits besides the chateau, and then moved to the gardens as the sun was setting. The wedding was given another unique element with the ochre flares of the sunset balanced with Yanxia’s snow-white dress.

The guests enjoyed delicious food and traditional Asian games, followed by a Chinese tea ceremony, as Yanxia has Malaysian roots. This traditional ceremony involves family members bestowing gifts such as jewellery on the bride, and the bride and groom also giving gifts to their elders. It was a beautiful slice of heritage, which gave this destination wedding a very distinct Eastern twist.

Before the guests danced the night away, Yanxia threw the bouquet, which was caught by her sister. Yanxia and Anthony shared their first dance in the chateau courtyard, which was festooned with twinkling fairy lights.

The atmosphere was full of love and camaraderie, with the party also taking place outside and a DJ playing into the night. Yanxia and Anthony’s guests danced and laughed under the fairy lights, and we were faced with the challenge of being able to tell Anthony apart from his twin brother in the crowd!

This beautifully unique setting provided a breath-taking venue, and having the opportunity to be a Chateau Ladausse wedding photographer is one that we will not forget!