St Dunstan in the East Couples Portrait Session | London Engagement

Wendy & Bobbi

An engagement shoot doing London pre wedding iconic photography is always a wonderful project for us, as it brings together those amazing aspects of love and romance in a truly theatrical setting. A vibrant city and a loving couple allowed on this day for an eclectic mix of beautiful images that we hope they will always enjoy.

Wendy and Bobbi are from Hong Kong and really enjoyed gallivanting around London together for this shoot. They had some quality time, wore their loveliest outfits and truly felt romantic and special for the whole day. It isn’t often that people get to take time out of their busy lives to stop and reflect on their love for each other, especially in the run up to a wedding when everything is so much of a whirlwind. This meant that the day they spent with us in London was all the more special.

St Dunstan Couple Photoshoot

st dunstan in the east couples portrait session
St Dunstan Couple Photoshoot 9
Tower Hill Couple Photoshoot 9
Tower Hill Couple Photoshoot 9
Tower Hill Couple Photoshoot 9
St James Park Couple Photoshoot
London Engagement Shoot
Peggy Porschen Couple Photoshoot
Peggy Porschen Couple Photoshoot

London Engagement

Even though this wonderful day was all about them, Wendy and Bobbi kindly gifted us some traditional Hong Kong tea, which was such an appreciative and thoughtful thing to do – not many couples do something so kind when we are simply just doing our job, so it made it all the more thoughtful. We certainly planned to enjoy a hot, soothing cuppa after all our snapping and editing was finished!

Wendy definitely knew her own style and fashion on this shoot, and wore a very cute doll dress from Needle & Thread. She looked like a vintage Hollywood starlet as she gazed into the eyes of her handsome fiance. She was classy, glamorous and elegant and Bobbi’s soft grey suit made the perfect pairing to her look. They seemed absolutely made for each other and these quiet moments gave us a tantalising glimpse of the elegance and happiness that would surely follow on their wedding day. 

Our first London pre-wedding photographer venue was near the infamous and ancient Tower Bridge. This iconic monument stood in the distance like a quiet caretaker, allowing the couple to pose for some very natural and memorable pictures, with the light breeze giving some movement to the images. The light was just right and allowed the pale blues and greys of the day to have a faint luminensence, as if there was something truly angelic about the world. 

St Dunstan Engagement photography

We moved onwards with this theme and went to a nearby hidden church. That’s the delectable thing about London, right under this heaving metropolis is layer upon layer of history, with beautiful old architecture just waiting to be discovered. We got some beautiful portraits of the couple in front of an aged gothic window that had been overtaken by lush green ivy. It really felt like this timeless place had been created especially for them. 

We also made sure to get some images on Horse Guards Parade as well as St. James’ Park – both places of such history that they seemed fitting for a celebration of young love. So many incredible events have been witnessed in these historic places that we felt we were only adding to the rich tapestry of life that has been woven in London for centuries. 

A London engagement photographer to the core, we couldn’t let a visit to London go by without stopping by the famous Belgravia borough for some fun and quirky images outside the famous Peggy Porshchen cake shop. It boasts a sweet candy coloured facade, trailing flowers and greenery pouring downwards in a graceful design, offering a decadent backdrop. The vibe was relaxed and easygoing, and the couple enjoyed some gorgeous cake and a cup of coffee while we captured some pretty shots of them together laughing and talking. A sweet ending to a delicious day.

St Dunstan in the East Couples Portrait Session