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Erica & Vincent

We often have to remind ourselves how wonderful our industry is. Every day, we get to share in and observe the joy, happiness and excitement of young couples as they embark on their new lives together. We get to document, memorialize and add an extra spark of creativity to our clients’ weddings and every single one is different, unique and special. As the shard London wedding photographer, we were allowed to share in the wonderful celebration of marriage between Erica and Vincent. A gorgeous Korean couple, they had chosen the vibrant city of London as the place to take their vows, surrounded by their friends and family. They brought together elements of historical London merged with the newest and most modern place to be – The Shard for a beautiful wedding dinner. 

Shard London Wedding Photography

The Shard London Wedding Photographer
The Shard London Wedding Photographer
Shard london wedding photography
wedding at the shard london
The Shard wedding photographer

As the morning progressed, we spent time with both the bride and groom as they relaxed and made their preparations with their nearest and dearest. Erica looked every inch the radiant bride, in her elegantly designed gown that was the paramount of simplicity, grace and style. Her luscious dark hair made a glamorous contrast and she simply looked like a princess. Vincent brought his own unique style to the wedding, with his warm coloured stylish bow-tie and deep blue suit. Not to be outdone by the ‘youngsters’ the Mothers of the bride and groom both wore traditional Korean dress in subtle pastel tones with hints of pale purple and pink that complemented each other perfectly and brought a sense of softness to the ceremony.

Arriving at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, there was much excitement and happiness, and everyone gathered together in this beautiful old building with its pretty architecture to witness this lovely pair commit their lives to each other. Afterwards, we just loved getting some shots of the bride and groom as they walked through a shower of confetti, smiling with all their hearts and enjoying every moment. We finished by getting some quiet images of Erica and Vincent in the collonaded walkway, with some gorgeous light filtering in and lighting up their happy faces. 

Wedding at The Shard London

Of course it was then off to celebrate the rest of the wedding at the Shard London. And how else should they get there but on a traditional bright red London bus, true vintage style, with some bubbly served on board for good measure. The guests were ebullient and excited at this fun mode of transport and merriment was definitely in abundance! The guests were treated to a historic tour of London before being brought to the reception. 

Once we arrived at The Shard, it was of course the perfect moment for any photographer to capture some photos of the mesmerizing view from the windows. The entirety of London was laid out before us; the hubbub and fast-paced world below seemed to carry on oblivious as Erica and Vincent spent their time with their friends and family, laughing, sharing and enjoying the atmosphere. It felt like we were in our own little world, a paradise in the sky for those few special hours.

Shard London Wedding Photographer

As per tradition, Erica and Vincent changed into their own tailored traditional Korean wedding outfits, and looked every inch the bride and groom as they stood embracing before a wall of warm chinese lanterns that lit up their faces with a heartfelt glow. This wedding at Shangri-la hotel was not only unique and memorable, it was personal. The lights of London began to illuminate the windows of this amazing building, but it was clear that despite the modern setting, they were keen to honour their family traditions. We felt honoured to be able to share that respect with them, by capturing those wonderful, sentimental and timeless moments on camera.