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Marta & Fahad

It was a dream come true to work as The Savoy Hotel wedding photographer on the occasion of Marta and Fahad’s special day. This lovely couple met at a party while they were in University, and while the bride is from Spain, and the groom from a Pakistani family, they chose this world famous and much-loved British hotel as the setting for their wedding. Although a classic hotel, it was about to be truly transformed into a beautiful, unique Pakistani wedding, complete with all the traditions and beautiful touches. Marta and Fahad had chosen us to take their photographs because they liked the aesthetic and emotional sensibility that we brought to previous projects – and it was a pleasure to be able to do the same for them.

The timeless atmosphere and historical setting of the Savoy Hotel was brought into more colourful life with the wonderful fashion and traditional style at this wedding. Marta opted to wear a traditional Lehenga wedding Saree in a sumptuously rich neutral color, complete with embellishments and decadent design. With her beautiful Spanish features, she brought something different and special to the look, and was every inch the Pakistani bride. Fahad complemented her as a most handsome groom in his traditional cream tunic. We learned that Fahad had proposed to Marta with their closest family all together. He had initially hoped it would just be the two of them, but once he had asked her parents for their blessing, it seemed perfect to include them in such a special moment. No gimmicks. Just complete family intimacy, closeness and trust. 

Savoy Hotel London Wedding Photographer

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Savoy Hotel Wedding Photographer

Savoy Hotel Wedding Photographer

Marta was very keen to ensure that all Pakistani wedding traditions were followed, so that Fahad’s family would feel honoured. The Savoy hotel wedding photography for this wedding therefore, had another facet to it brought by the distinctive style of the dress and decoration. Her dress was decorated with thousands of beads, pearls and her veil was something truly remarkable. As the gorgeous setting allowed us to take some memorable family portraits, we took in the beauty and elegance as these two cultures came together perfectly.

After the ceremony, it was champagne hour. A traditional band played, and we took advantage of the pretty sunlight coming in from the window to get some couple portraits. The tonality and texture of Marta’s gown added an extra element of glamour and beauty to these images, and the couple seemed to be in a world of their own as they gazed into each others’ eyes. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking Marta and Fahad outside for some quiet photographs in the nearby gardens. The lush greenery provided a beautiful backdrop for this happy couple as they reflected on their ceremony and the excitement to come.

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For the meal, beautiful trailing flowers and greenery spilled from the stunning table arrangements and provided a fresh, soft glamour to the room. Glass and light glinted off every surface, creating a sparkling atmosphere. Guests enjoyed a long traditional wedding dinner with speeches to rival any others. Then the guests made their way to the dancefloor to enjoy some wonderful music and dancing. 

Marta and Fahad had hoped for their big day that they would be able to share their happiness and have a fun and memorable evening with their friends and family. As night-time descended and the guests danced, they made their way from the hotel in a stunning white Rolls Royce. Weddings at the Savoy London will always have an exclusive, luxurious style, and Marta and Fahad’s London wedding day will always be remembered by them as the most special of their lives. 

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