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northbrook park wedding photography

Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer | Milagro & Bilal

At the wedding of Milagro and Bilal, we had the opportunity to be the Northbrook Park wedding photographer for the day. It is an absolutely delightful venue and one that we were familiar with, having shot weddings nearby at Farnham Castle. Not far from London, it was the perfect venue to bring together this family to celebrate such a wonderful declaration of love and friendship. Northbrook Park is a stunning grade two listed manor house, with grand manicured gardens and an atmosphere of beauty and grace. We had enjoyed doing a pre-wedding shoot with this couple at Leadenhall Market, so we knew we were in for a fun day. 

This wedding brought together a wonderful mix of cultures and traditions, the bride comes originally from South America and the groom from Pakistan. All of this was wrapped up in this pretty Surrey manor house, with its walled garden, lake and stunning architecture – it was a true celebration of the coming together of two people in a romantic, special union. We hoped to capture all of this eclectic beauty in our photographs, with some laughter, tears and enchantment thrown in for good measure.

northbrook park wedding photosnorthbrook park wedding photographer

There were many little touches of individuality throughout the day that we enjoyed observing. Bilal with his designer dickie bow, adding extra charm and style to his suit, and Milagro’s absolutely stunning dress that was class personified with its elegance lace details and trimming. The opportunity came to take some fun, cheeky shots with Milagro sneaking up behind her groom and we must say, he was so well behaved and didn’t turn around until he was allowed, giving us some lovely moments to photograph. Their delight and love for each other was obvious at this moment, and throughout the whole day. 

After the guests had arrived, Milagro walked down the aisle in a dress that offered softness, romance and charm and her Father was probably the proudest dad we’ve ever seen at a wedding. His delight and happiness radiated out to everyone else in the room and all the guests seemed to share his joy. Tall, antique candelabras graced either side of the aisle and a wall of white flowers behind the couple created a timeless and elegant backdrop to frame the couple’s special moments. They were showered in confetti with everyone smiling and laughing once they had become Mr and Mrs. 

Of course having an 18th Century manor house at our disposal for the day meant that we had a magnificent setting for some gorgeous northbrook park wedding photography of this lovely couple. Having sneaked away for some quiet time together, we managed to tag along, snapping some cheeky stolen kisses, as the sinuous leaves and branches curled around the house behind in an ancient embrace. Together with Milagro’s fairytale dress, this moment was truly enchanting. Another special motif of the day was the sapphire of Milagro’s engagement ring which was echoed in the stylish blue of Bilal’s wedding suit. Little moments like this brought the entire look at atmosphere of the wedding together in harmony.

This wedding was dreamy from start to finish, with the four tiered wedding cake covered in soft floral designs. Fairy lights illuminated a pretty photo gallery with polaroids of the guests and dreamlike orbs descended from the ceiling with flickering candles inside them. The room had a truly magical quality that created a gorgeous setting for the lovely speeches and delicious food. 

Later, live guitar music livened up the guests and everyone really enjoyed Bilal’s fantastic speech. Candelabras and a backdrop of twinkling lights made a dreamy picture at the top table and we felt so lucky to be the team doing the Northbrook park wedding photography that day. Crystals and glassware sparkled like stardust and as this lovely couple cut the cake with their friends and family applauding, we felt like we had been part of something truly special.