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Bara & Radek’s Engagement Film

Mallorca Engagement Photography | Bara and Radek

A few months before their wedding, we joined Bara and Radek for a photoshoot as their Mallorca wedding photographer. They both live and work on this gorgeous island in the middle of the Mediterranean, and although it is only 100 kilometres from the East to West coast, it boasts some of the most stunning and memorable scenery in the world. With its famous volcanic mountain range, iconic serpentine road and glorious hidden beach, we knew we would be able to capture some phenomenal images with this gorgeous couple to celebrate their Mallorca engagement.

The largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Mallorca is home to this beautiful couple, who wanted to mark the occasion of their engagement with a memorable photoshoot in some of their favourite places on the island. They were due to get married a few months later, but wanted some special time together alone to mark their romance and love. They wanted something unique to them, with a theatrical aspect and something that they would remember together forever as well as an experience that they would enjoy. 


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Mallorca engagement photographer

This shoot was all about contrasts. Nature provided its own special backdrop and Bara and Radek brought their own individual expression, style and passion to the images. Bara opted for a signature black dress with elegant detailing and beading that seemed perfectly designed to echo the illustrative and artistically expressive tattoos on Radek’s arms and back. The trimming of black lace on her skirt and bodice was elegant yet dramatic and really seemed to capture Bara’s personality and sense of individual style. 

Unusually for Mallorca, the day was overcast and slightly windy – but this allowed for some particularly gorgeous tonal quality and light that enhanced the colour palette. The wind across the mountains added even more movement and drama, and as Bara’s stunning golden hair trailed out behind her as she embraced her handsome fiance, we knew we would have some truly magical photographs that day.

This couple weren’t afraid to let their guard down. Not only were they comfortable showing affection and allowing us to capture their passion and romance, but they also opted to demonstrate their humanity and vulnerability. Bara’s beautiful open-backed gown showed her femininity and fragility when she wanted it to, and Radek allowed us to photograph his very personal and enigmatic tattoos.

Palma engagement on the beach

We found that black and white worked wonderfully well in this shoot, with the gradient of the rocky landscape and the contrasting monochrome of their outfits.

Ever original, they even had a cheeky ‘nip’ of a flask to keep them warm as they donned their matching biker jackets and braced the weather together. Their other favourite thing in Mallorca engagement was also featured – their Harley Davidson motorbike! We were in our element as we captured some truly iconic and memorable images of the couple together on the bike – definitely different and special.

However, as well as our loving couple, it was the sky that really was the star of the show on this shoot – offering contrast, captivating light and a theatrical backdrop to the shots of Bara and Radek together. As we completed this wonderful Mallorca engagement photography series, we reflected on this truly unique couple. Whether they were standing on mountains, embracing in the rolling surf or together on the sand, a real sense pervaded that this couple could and would face any challenges on the road of life together with determination and strength of character.