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Lake Como wedding photographer

Jade & Sam

In the unique setting of Lake Como, Lombardy, it is sometimes impossible to tell where the mountains end and the wide expanse of sky begins. The ancient Italian lake seems to hold mysterious secrets within its magical depths. It is no surprise that Jade and Sam chose this as their wedding venue, as he had proposed there under a candlelit gazebo as the water lapped against the shore close by. They chose us as the Lake Como Wedding Photographer for their special day because they liked the clean and clear style of our images. They wanted the natural look that they felt was our forte. 

Of course we were delighted to oblige and as we took some photographs of the surroundings of the Villa, we were met with luscious greenery kissing the edges of the lake and we just knew this was going to be a very special day. The couple had met in the Caribbean, as Jade travels all over the world working as cabin crew and Sam had been on holiday. He plucked up the courage to talk to her at the bar and the rest was history.

Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Lake Como wedding photographer
Lake Como wedding photographer
Lake Como wedding photography
Lake Como wedding photographer
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Lake Como wedding
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lake Como Wedding
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Como Wedding Photographers

As the morning progressed, we were able to spend time with this special couple, taking some relaxed photographs of Sam donning his crisp white shirt with an elegant modern tailored look. He was so handsome and clean cut, a truly dapper groom. Jade had her preparations done to perfection. A cheeky glass of bubbly was enjoyed by the bride and her friends as they had their hair and makeup done. They enjoyed some indulgent pampering and took their time lounging in bridal pajamas before helping Jade into her stunning gown. Classic lines, an elegant veil with a soft, rich texture, it was perfectly set off with the ladies’ soft grey bridesmaid gowns. They all looked like Roman goddesses – very fitting for the venue!

As the verdant greenery caressed the edges of the lake, the wedding ceremony took place on the shoreline, with all of Jade and Sam’s close friends and family in attendance. A verdant arch, rich with flowers stood behind them, framing a picture of true love. The mountains stood behind them in a sheltering embrace, almost like another ancient ancestor, championing their love. 

Lake Como Weddings

This couple do enjoy some fun times, so they each had a merry glass of champagne in hand as they walked back down the aisle, now bound together forever. A gentle shower of confetti drifted down as everyone cheered with joy and celebration. 

Everyone soon settled down to eat in the stunning collonaded courtyard to enjoy the amazing food, which was really fun and quirky with a glamorous edge. Cocktails were enjoyed by the pool while the group enjoyed the fresh breeze off the lake to cool them down. The close family ties and depth of friendship was clear throughout this wedding, as everyone ate ‘family style’ at one long table together and a cheer went up each and every time the bride and groom shared a kiss. Above their heads, fairly lights began to twinkle as the sun began to set over the lake and the couple sneaked away with us to change and enjoy a few quiet moments together. 

Lake Como Wedding Photography

The joy of photographing this couple was their easygoing and relaxed nature. They were so comfortable with each other and so happy, that taking their photographs was a simply wonderful. We aimed for some relaxed yet glamorous shots on the balcony with the evening lights gimmering across the bay. With this gorgeous couple as the focal point, the entire setting offered old Hollywood glamour combined with European style – chic and contemporary. After they returned to their friends and family to cut the cake smothered with fresh berries, they then enjoyed dancing the night away. As the stars twinkled above, we were able to reflect on the amazing experience of being the Relais Villa Vittoria Wedding Photographer on this most special and memorable wedding day.