Outdoor Idyllic Wedding at a French Chateau

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Chateau La Durantie Wedding Photography | Melissa and Jonathan

France is known for its beautiful Chateaus, and getting to be the Chateau La Durantie wedding photographer for the nuptials of Melissa and Jonathan was going to be phenomenal. We had enjoyed a previous visit to this wonderful place for another wedding so we knew we were in for something wonderful. Melissa had seen our photographs from the earlier wedding, and felt that we would be able to capture that lightness and beauty in their photographs, too. 

This lovely couple had been introduced by mutual friends and Jonathan had created a truly romantic proposal for Melissa while in Bali. A deserted beach, a private table with special music, their own waiter and a stunning sunset – how could Melissa have said no? And when searching for the perfect wedding venue, Melissa and Jonathan had simply fallen in love with the place and having their wedding at Chateau la durantie became their main goal. And no-one could dispute the spectacular beauty of the outdoor grounds, which were every photographer’s dream. chateau la durantie wedding photographychateau la durantie wedding photographyDestination Weddings France

Fine Art Photography at Chateau la Durantie in France

We loved getting some snaps of the couple’s preparations throughout the morning. The Chateau’s neutral style with ornate rococo touches in the decor provided the perfect setting for us to take lovely images. Melissa chose classic silhouette that enhanced her natural beauty and her elegant gown seemed to be a perfect choice for the simple classicism of the setting. Jonathan looked like a movie star and his suit helped his cheeky blue eyes to twinkle all the more.

The ceremony was held outside at the back garden of the Chateau which was like a fairytale setting surrounded by beauty and nature in abundance. The bluest sky we had ever seen was above our heads and ancient cypress trees framed this perfect moment as Melissa and Jonathan exchanged vows that would bind them for life.

Melissa and Jonathan opted to hold their reception outside at the chateau stairs which allowed for merriment, laughter and excitement in the most stunning of settings. There were so many cute little touches throughout the day that made the artistry of our job so much easier, the pale pink bar on wheels that was just so charming, delightful pink champagne, the gorgeous children in their pastel toned outfits, (posing shyly for a portrait!), and the elegant marquee with it’s beautiful interior, light and glass reflecting everywhere in a symphony of beauty and grace.

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The couple sneaked off for some private moments together, and the wonderful chateau frontage provided a gorgeous, timeless frame for these romantic images. They were just so comfortable with each other, a truly joyous pair who took delight in simply being with each other.

The sumptuous dinner took place in the marquee, where family and friends came together in true celebration and to create beautiful memories. The speeches were fantastic and everyone enjoyed a giggle or two as well as shedding a tender tear at the emotional moments. After the sun had set, the couple cut the cake and shared their first dance as a married couple. Fairy lights twinkled, and there was a true sense of fun and excitement in the air – this wedding had amazing energy and merriment that was really infectious.

After dinner, the pancake bar came alive in true French style, with crepes for everyone! And what is a more spectacular way to end the best day of your life than to have some showstopping fireworks? It was a real cacophony of color, light and celebration. 

Melissa and Jonathan wished that their special day would bring their closest family and friends together in love, and their wish was granted. Getting to work as the Chateau la durantie wedding photographer was also our dream come true, and we were delighted to be able to capture those memories for such a wonderful couple.