Our Story

..Pauline loves yoga, clearing her mind during her morning run and finding solace in an arts magazine or at a design exhibition. Jacob loves film, having previously trained at film school; and when not at the cinema, he unwinds and reconnects by disappearing into mountain trails on his bicycle.

As a couple, we love to travel, and we have seen some incredible places together. Each trip has been part of our own story. We never leave home without our camera, and documenting our own adventures through a lens allows us to remind ourselves of some phenomenal sights we have seen and the experiences that we have shared.

We fell in love with telling stories through our photography and films, and from this stemmed our passion for capturing weddings. We see your wedding as the next great adventure, and the first step toward an incredible story waiting to be told. The memories from your wedding day will live on in your minds forever. We see our photographs and films as preserving those memories for you and for the people that you care about.

Our journey so far has been more rewarding than we ever could have imagined, from having had fashion photography featured in Vogue to shooting weddings for the royal family in Qatar!

We would love you to become a part of it.